Digital Consultant to the Ministry of Planning, Cambodia

IDPoor Project – Poverty Identification

Stakeholders: Ministry of Planning, Royal Government of Cambodia; giz Germany; WorldBank; DFAT; UNDP; UNICEF, WFP

Content: Support/Advise the Ministry of Planning, Government of Cambodia, about digitalization of the web-based system for Identification of Poor Households. Until recently data collection was a paper based process, and data eventually reached an electronic data base, and the majority of households was evaluated every three years.

This electronic data base was able to mainly produce predefined reports and evaluations, but data stemmed from interviews made between one and four years ago. Processes associated with the system were often paper based and complex.

The project was to digitalize the processes and give immediate access and visibility to the data collected. Data collection should use mobile tablets, and honor the processes and responsibilities in the villages, communes, districts, provinces and at the national level. Transparency was expected to exist on all levels. Capacity building should be provided on all levels.

An IDPoor MIS should be implemented that allows authorized personnel to analyse and monitor all processes.

External stakeholders should be empowered to contribute to the IDPoor process via various technological means. Relevant Government Ministries should be enabled to synchronize with the IDPoor data base in a programmatic way.

A future proof system should be developed and delivered that will be fully owned and managed by the Ministry of Planning, IDPoor Department.

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